Annual UC Davis Event Recycles over 826 Pounds of Foam Packaging

The aggies of UC Davis will be giving a second life to 826 pounds of foam packaging and 16,040 pounds of cardboard collected during their 8th annual move-in recycling drive.

Taking place as students move in for the new school year, the event strives to take care of packaging material generated from the move-in in a responsible way. This year, the move-in recycling drive resulted in a record-breaking 826 pounds of foam packaging – 250 pounds more than last year and the largest collection ever!

UC’s Davis’s partnership with Dart Container Corporation allows the school to give this massive collection of foam a second life. All 826 pounds of foam collected by UC Davis’ annual move-in event will be transferred to Dart Lodi facility and processed and circulated to manufacturers who will use the recycled material to make premium picture frames.

From packing peanuts to large molded blocks used to package fragile items, recyclable foam is used to make a variety of products. The best way to identify itis by looking for the #6 stamp on the product. The #6 symbol was first developed by SPI, a plastics industry association, and helps to identify polystyrene or expanded polystyrene foam. When recycled, polystyrene foam can be used to make items like rulers and garden nursery trays, and is used in architectural molding.

Setting the record for the most foam ever collected is a testament to UC Davis and its Student Housing office’s commitment to sustainability in construction, operation and resident education. In fact, this astounding foam collection achievement helped to land the UC Davis Aggies on this year’s Sierra Magazine’s “Cool Schools” top ten list.

Residents of Davis, California who are interested in local drop-off recycling of foam, can visit Additional information regarding information about Dart’s commitment with other schools, companies and municipalities can be found at

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