Another Successful Great LA River Clean-Up

Dart Container and its employees are committed to protecting the environment. The company continues to open foam recycling centers across the country, including one recently in Chicago, Illinois. Its employees are doing their part too. Last month, for the seventh consecutive year, the employees of Dart Container tackled the Los Angeles River clean-up effort over three days.

The event, hosted by Friends of the LA River, completed its 27th annual clean up. Employees of Dart Container’s Corona facility and their family and friends worked to restore the river along with thousands of other volunteers. The crews targeted 15 different areas along a 51-mile river and picked up litter and debris that is harmful to the beauty and ecosystem of this Los Angeles treasure.

Dart Container’s Director of Recycling, Michael Westerfield, said that Dart employees are happy to be a part of such a large-scale and important effort to maintain the famous watershed. He also said the company’s employees are proud to have consistently invested their time in the Great LA River Clean-Up over the past seven years.

As producers of expanded polystyrene, the company’s employees also took the opportunity to educate people about foam recycling. Employees wanted consumers to know that their food containers can be recycled via Los Angeles’s residential curbside foam recycling program. While recklessly disposing of the products in the LA River can be harmful to the environment, there is a simple environmentally responsible solution that residents can follow.

foam recycling education

If residents recycle their foam, sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Styrofoam,” a trademarked name of Dow Chemical Company’s insulation material, recycling centers can repurpose the foam as everyday household items. Crown molding and picture frames are just two products that can be made with recycled foam. It’s important that consumers and businesses work to protect the environment together, and that’s why Dart Container invests its time in environmentally responsible efforts.