Dart Container is Major Player in Foam Recycling

As one of the largest manufacturers of polystyrene foam foodservice packaging, Dart Container Corporation has also asserted itself as a proponent of foam recycling.  It has been recycling polystyrene foam for more than 20 years and has 18 plants worldwide that accept post-consumer foam products for recycling.  Annually collecting more than 1.5 million pounds of material, Dart then washes and compresses the used foam into usable blocks that are sold to manufacturers who use it for agricultural material, crown molding and even picture frames.

With these achievements behind them, it is unsurprising that Dart received the Excellence in EPS Recycling Award from the EPS Industry Alliance, commending its “extraordinary commitment to the advancement of expanded polystyrene recycling.” They operate many consumer programs that allow large organizations to collect foam and recycle it. Their CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) program is aimed at college campuses and hospitals, and they have also worked with California school districts to begin a foam lunch tray recycling program, termed “Going the Extra Mile.”

However, Dart has no intention of stopping at the current level, but instead is turning its gaze towards reaching the masses individually.  By encouraging the implementation of curbside foam recycling, Dart was able to increase the amount of domestically recycled foam to 71 million pounds in 2010, including 37.1 million pounds of post-consumer and post-commercial material.  They are also continually developing new foam recycling technology, such as densifiers that can recycle varying foam densities at the same time.

Source: Plastics News

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