High Praise for California Foam Recycling Program

A business based in Fontana, California has been recognized by Keep California Beautiful (KCB) for its innovation and efforts in recycling foam cups and packaging. Burrtec Waste Industries has developed a major foam recycling program that is now instituted in many Southern California cities.

Since 2010, Burrtec has collected, sorted, processed and shipped out 282,000 pounds of foam for recycling. This large mass of material is sent to manufacturers, including one in Southern California, that then remanufactures the foam into a wide range of consumer goods, such as picture frames and green building materials. Recycling these types of goods helps to lessen the demand for lumber, save on energy and resource consumption, as well as develop a more established consumer market for recycled goods.

Christine Flowers, Executive Director of KCB comments that “It is because of businesses like Burrtec and its commitment to collect recyclable materials like foam that California is becoming even more sustainable, consuming fewer resources, and depending on less energy.” She also notes that because of programs such as Burrtec’s, “future generations of Californians will enjoy a more beautiful California.”

Burrtec currently collects foam waste from over twenty different Southern California cities and counties, providing an easy way for consumers and businesses to discard products responsibly. Joel Greene, host of the family program Curiosity Quest comments, “What we’ve learned over the years in creating our show Curiosity Quest Goes Green is that being green sometimes presents obstacles and barriers for people – so many people are unsure of what to do with certain products. So, it’s awesome that there is now a place where foam is recycled and made into something (like picture frames) that can be useful in our everyday lives.  We love having the opportunity to showcase these solutions to the public.”

Recycling single-use foam products is now easier than ever for both consumers and businesses. Dart Container Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of polystyrene foam cups, is another company innovating the way these products are recycled. The CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) and Recycla-Pak programs make it easy for any company or organization to recycle foam cups. The CARE program provides users with a densifying device, which compresses foam cups to a fraction of their original size.  Dart then collects the densified foam so it can be recycled into new products, an outcome similar to that of the Burrtec process.

Source: The Press Enterprise

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