San Jose’s Litter Problem: Recycling is the Answer

After a report naming San Jose’s Coyote Creek as one of the worst litter hot spots in the region, San Jose Clean Community Coalition was created.  The coalition is actively working to prevent litter, in addition to removing it, and they are supported in this endeavor by volunteers, nonprofits and even private organizations that have given financial aid.

Although the coalition has taken steps in the right direction, this will not be a small undertaking by any means.   An article in the Mercury News estimated that San Jose would need to spend $1 million by Junesimply to clean up litter around homeless encampments.  To completely reverse San Jose’s litter problem, it will take effort from everyone – neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and elected officials – to make a difference.

Keep California Beautiful, one of the state’s oldest anti-litter organizations, has also joined the coalition, expanding both the breadth and depth of the campaign and placing an impetus on people to recycle within their own homes.  In an effort to promote a more sustainable future, the coalition is encouraging people to separate their trash from recycling, utilize the special drop-off location for unusual items, and take part in organized cleanups. By working together through 14 litter cleanup events, the coalition was able to remove 30,000 pounds of litter from San Jose streets and creeks.

Source: Mercury News

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