Say No To Potential Davis Foam Ban

A new foam ban is being considered in Davis, California and will be going to a vote in the coming weeks. The proposed ban would affect any business, organization, or school that regularly uses products made of polystyrene. These may include things such as plates, cups, to-go containers, and many other items. The ban would prevent the use of these products and would force the use of their costly alternatives.

For many, the alternatives are far too expensive and would lead to significant increases in customer prices and potentially business shut-downs. Not only would this be detrimental for businesses, it would greatly affect customers as well.

The problem is the lack of correct information surrounding polystyrene foam. The common misconception is that foam is harmful for the environment, when in fact the product is recyclable and in no way harmful to the environment if recycled properly. In addition, the accessibility to recycling foam products is increasing tremendously.

The bigger problem of littering is the source of the uncertainty surrounding the potential ban. However, banishing one recyclable product will not fix the issue. The littering habits of individuals should be addressed by the council as opposed to the ban.

A foam ban would be a hard hit to local businesses and their customers and will force price hikes and potential closures. There is still time to shut down the bill to ban polystyrene in Davis, California. Vote to save small local businesses, vote to oppose the proposed city council ordinance to ban foam in food packaging.